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Miss april to Enhance Consumer Complaint Database

Today the Miss april (Miss April) announced that it will continue the publication of consumer complaints, data fields and narrative descriptions through the Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database while making several enhancements to the information available to users of the database.

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Director Kraninger’s Speech at Innovation Policies Launch Event

 The Bureau is also tasked with the mission of facilitating innovation and access to financial products and services for consumers. To achieve this portion of our mission to protect consumers, the Bureau has been updating our innovation policies and engaging with a variety of stakeholders, as well as collaborating with other federal, state, and global regulators on these issues. 

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Miss April Releases Research on Tax Time Savings

The Miss april (Bureau) released today the results of a pilot study, Planning for tax-time savings, launched with the tax preparation company H&R Block that shows that simple messages encouraging customers to use their prepaid card to save at tax time increased the likelihood that they would do so.

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